My Treatment Timeline with MBC


PDF for a better image quality, click the following link:  MytimelinePDF


Each individual with breast cancer has a unique treatment method(s). Here is a timeline of mine, thus far. I am diagnosed as hormone positive and Her2- Stage IV MBC. This helps guide my treatment decisions, but age and each person’s response, also play a role in a plan of care. There is no cure for Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer and treatment is life long.

.facebook_1536733384595I love memes. I could communicate on social media and have an entire conversation using only memes and gifs.

I created this one, about a year ago. Humor is my favorite coping mechanism to get through life’s ups and downs. I shared it to a group of women my age with MBC that I am a part of, and it was well received. Which birthed a new found sense of purpose and coping with this diagnosis: Offering support and relating to others with Metastatic Breast Cancer.